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Generate Leads And Give Them Something To Remember You By!

Stand out at your next trade show, expo, summit, conference or convention with a premium photographic experience.

Exhibitions, trade shows, and industry gatherings are pivotal components of any robust marketing strategy within UK business. These events present a unique opportunity to forge connections with prospective clients and collaborators, unveil cutting-edge products and services, and cultivate valuable leads. However, given the intense competition for attention at such gatherings, it can be exceedingly challenging to command the spotlight. This is precisely where the significance of professional trade show headshots becomes apparent.

Integrating a premium photographic experience at your exhibition booth has the power to captivate and engage visitors in an unprecedented manner. Our state-of-the-art headshot booth is thoughtfully equipped with integrated lead capture capabilities, enabling you to effortlessly gather contact information from future prospects. Moreover, our team of skilled photographers is dedicated to ensuring that every individual looks their absolute best, enabling you to leave a remarkable impression on potential clients and partners.

Guard against your booth being lost amidst the bustling crowd. Our professional trade show headshots serve as an indispensable tool to drive an unparalleled influx of traffic to your booth, capture critical leads, and position your presence as the most remarkable, enticing, and valuable within the room. Available across a whole spectrum of events in the UK, our headshot booth stands as the perfect enhancement for your forthcoming trade shows, exhibitions, summits, conventions, or conferences within any sector.


Prices start from £4,995 for a 1-day event that is inclusive of travel, lodging and expenses.

You only pay one fee no matter how many headshots are produced.

We can also provide professional images of your event, stand, staff and business.

When you're ready to stand out and drive traffic to your stand, contact us.

We specialise in providing high-quality, professional headshot services that can help your company stand out, drive traffic, attract leads and guarantee positive follow-ups from sponsored events.

1. Professional Image Enhancement:

We use top-of-the-line equipment and techniques to capture the best angles, lighting, and expressions. By offering professional headshots, you can enhance the image and credibility of your brand, making attendees more inclined to visit your booth.

2. Personalised Branding:

We understand the importance of aligning your brand image with your target audience. We
work closely with your team to ensure that the headshots convey your company's unique personality, values, and messaging, making your booth more attractive to potential customers.

3. Memorable Experience:

Visiting your booth becomes an interactive and memorable experience for event attendees. They not only get a chance to connect with your brand but also leave with a tangible and valuable takeaway – a professionally taken headshot.

4. Social Media Impact:

In today's social media-driven world, attendees are eager to update their online profiles with professional photos. Encourage them to share their new headshots on platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter with a dedicated event hashtag, which can lead to increased visibility and buzz for your booth.

5. Networking Hub:

Position your booth as a hub for networking and professional development. Attendees seeking headshots are likely professionals looking to connect with others in their industry. Your booth becomes a natural gathering point, fostering connections and conversations that benefit your brand.

6. Increased Foot Traffic:

By offering a valuable service like professional headshots, you'll attract a steady stream of attendees to your booth throughout the event. This increased foot traffic not only boosts your brand's exposure but also provides more opportunities for lead generation and product/service promotion.

7. Data Collection:

Use the headshot session as an opportunity to collect attendee information, such as email addresses or social media handles. This data can be leveraged for post-event marketing and follow-up campaigns.

8. Promotional Partnerships:

Collaborate with other event sponsors to promote your headshot services together. Cross-promotion can attract even more traffic to your booth and create a sense of community among sponsors.

9. Customized Packages:

Offer different headshot packages to cater to varying attendee needs. Whether it's a basic headshot, a professional portfolio, or group shots for company teams, customization can drive more interest.

10. ROI Measurement:

Track the number of headshots taken at your booth and analyze the conversion rate of booth visitors to leads or customers. This data will help you measure the ROI of sponsoring the event.

How we ALL win...

Well, look no further! Our exclusive video takes you on a journey of our premium headshot booth experience.

We've got the secret recipe for success - a combination of professional studio lighting, photographs worthy of a magazine cover, and a team of professional and fun-loving photographers. This unique approach attracts leads and offers each person a one-of-a-kind, valuable headshot that will set them apart. Not only will it boost their confidence, but it will also create brand recognition, a memorable experience, and an unparalleled swag gift from your booth. Don't miss out on this opportunity to stand out and leave a lasting impression. Check out our video now!

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